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Current Projects

Tamara NealLector in Ancient Greek at the University of Sydney

Tamara Neal is Lector in Ancient Greek at the University of Sydney, a position that is funded largely by the Kudos and the Aroney Foundations. 

Tamara has been a passionate teacher of Greek and Latin, as well as other Classically-oriented subjects for over 15 years. She has developed her teaching expertise at a number of Australian universities, including the University of Melbourne, the University of Newcastle, and the University of New England, and, since 2010, the University of Sydney. For the best part of nearly two decades, Tamara has spent many hours thinking how best to enable language acquisition, and aims to provide a learning experience that is both enjoyable and efficient for her students. Her teaching philosophy centres on maximising learning skills and exposing students to original and authentic Greek as early as possible. The appointment to Greek lector has been a great opportunity for Tamara to inspire students at a foundational level and to share this amazing language with as many people as possible. 

Tamara has a PhD in Classics from the University of Melbourne, and has published a book and articles on Homer. More recently, Tamara has been writing a foundational grammar book aimed at students of Greek and Latin.


Past Projects

Aristophanes’ Clouds

The Kudos Foundation part-sponsored a performance of Aristophanes’ Clouds in the original Greek in July 2017. The play was performed by students of the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Sydney to full-houses, both at the University and at the Maritime Museum, Sydney.

Aristophanes Clouds photo


The Kevin Lee Lectureship

The Kudos Foundation has already supported a lectureship in Classics at the University of Sydney over the period 2004-2006, named the Kevin Lee Lectureship, in memory of Professor Kevin H. Lee, a great teacher and scholar, and a driving force in the establishment of the Kudos Foundation. The appointment of Dr Emma Gee as the first Kevin Lee Lecturer was a huge success. A graduate of Sydney University who returned to Australia in 2003 after an outstanding early career in the UK, she took her doctorate from Cambridge in 1998, and this won the prestigious Hare Prize for the best Ph.D. in its year, as well as a position at the University of Exeter. Her first book – Ovid, Aratus and Augustus – Astronomy in Ovid’s ‘Fasti’ – was very well received. She showed enormous energy and commitment in all aspects of her post as Kevin Lee Lecturer. A highly effective teacher of both Latin and Greek, she initiated several important access initiatives with NSW schools and maintained a high international profile in research. It is a testament to the success of the Kevin Lee Lectureship that Dr Gee went on to take up a permanent post at the University of St Andrews in the UK.

The Kevin Lee Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Sydney

(Commenced 2009)

Kudos built on the success of the Kevin Lee Lectureship by supporting a rising young scholar, Dr Sebastiana Nervegna, as Kevin Lee Fellow.

From a stellar field, with applicants from all the major world centres of Classical scholarship, Dr Nervegna came to Australia with a fine record from the University of Bologna (Laurea in Lettere e Filosofia) and the University of Toronto (PhD) She wrote her thesis on the reception of the comic poet Menander in antiquity. This thesis is now an important book, Menander in Antiquity: the Contexts of Reception; she has also published a number of articles in the area of Greek and Roman drama and its reception. She is now an ARC Future Fellow at Monash University, working on Greek theatre in Italy.

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