The Kudos Foundation: Supporting Classical Studies in Australia

How to apply for funding

There is no set form of application for Kudos funding. The Kudos Foundation will usually aim to negotiate an arrangement with the institution in question, usually involving discussions with representatives of the institution at Departmental, Faculty and, where appropriate, at Pro-Vice-Chancellor level.

It would normally be helpful for applicants to prepare a written proposal for the Kudos Committee to circulate internally and consider (in confidence). This proposal should describe the project, set out its main purpose and significance, and the reasons why it is a suitable project for Kudos, and should contain a realistic costing of its various components as well as any relevant timelines. The Committee will consider the project and indicate whether it seems to fall within the constitutional scope of the Kudos Foundation and whether Kudos is likely to support it in the general circumstances at the time, and discuss with the applicant the next steps to be taken.

In each case Kudos aims to supply support, and to negotiate the support of the relevant academic institution, for worthwhile projects which the institution might not be able to justify on the usual calculus of Equivalent Full Time Student Units or other “business activity indicators”.

Generally speaking, Kudos seeks to apply leverage in negotiating with a university or other institution, rather than to support individual departments or staff directly.