The Kudos Foundation: Supporting Classical Studies in Australia

Teaching Classical Languages Symposium

The Kudos Foundation contributed to the funding of the ‘Third Teaching Classical Languages Symposium 2022 – in memory of Emily Matters’ (convenors Dr Tamara Neal and Ms Elizabeth Stockdale) 12 August 2022

No doubt about it — the biggest buzz at the University of Sydney on 12 August was in the conference room of the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia. Over 100 students and teachers from undergraduates to veterans, from most of the states and from a number of universities in Australia and NZ, gathered in person and on-line to participate in 4 sessions: Textbooks and Lexica, Assessment and Teaching Strategies, and Teaching Strategies 1&2.

Over the day three textbooks were analysed: Emily Matters and Emily Kerrison’s Eureka, an introduction to Greek for young students; Andrew Keller and Stephanie Russell’s Learn to Read Latin, for older beginnersand aiming at introducing unaltered versions of ancient texts as quickly as possible (Andrew Keller spoke to it in person); and the much-used Hans Ørberg's Lingua Latina per se illustrata series for learning Latin via the Natural Method.

Other speakers highlighted the benefits and opportunities for learning to speak Latin fluently, and illustrated the ways teachers can implement this. Participants were given a glimpse of full immersion and on-line tuition at the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Italy ( and the Wenli Academy in China (

Particularly interesting for Kudos supporters was Dr Michael Hanaghan’s and Dr Miles Pattenden’s report on their Kudos funded project (A Late Latin Grammar Primer) and its role in the projected expansion of the study of Latin at ACU. Kate Edwards’ PhD study at the University of New England surveys (among other things) attitudes to Latin in the general community. The results of this will be well worth looking out for.

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