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The Kudos Foundation seeks support for the Kevin Lee Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Sydney

Dr Sebastiana Nervegna is the most recent Kevin Lee Postdoctoral Fellow, a position she held from 2009-2010, subsequently winning an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship. She was chosen from a stellar field, applications coming from all the major world centres of Classical scholarship. In her time at Sydney she has established herself as a world expert on the performance and reception of the Greek comic poet Menander in his own time and the following centuries.

Since extensive portions of Menander's plays were recovered from the sands of Egypt in the early 20th century, Menander has been a moving target. Not only has study of the plays themselves burgeoned. New evidence is constantly coming to light on papyrus, in manuscripts and palimpsests and through excavation of archaeological evidence. One of the most exciting instances are the sets of mosaics showing scenes of Menander's plays—some still lost—at Mytilene and, found in 2008, at Antioch. All this new evidence constantly challenges earlier understandings of the plays' plots, of the modes of their performance and of the ways they were known in later antiquity. Sebastiana meticulously examines this complex range of material in her book, Menander in Antiquity: the Contexts of Reception (Cambridge University Press, 2012).

Postdoctoral Fellowships play a vital role in the fostering of outstanding young researchers, giving them time to concentrate on the intricacies of their research areas and widen their horizons. In Australia there is only one such Research Fellowship dedicated to Classics. It commemorates Kevin Lee, much-loved Professor of Classics at the University of Sydney (1992- 2001). There could be no better way of keeping alive the great pleasure he took in warmly supporting the development and success of younger scholars.

Your contribution to the Kevin Lee Fellowship will assist Kudos to support an outstanding young classicist in a crucial period of their career.

We are currently seeking 50 donors at the $250 per annum level. To become a Kevin Lee Fellowship donor, please complete the donation form and return to Kudos Foundation Inc., Level 1, 235 Macquarie St, Sydney, 2000. Donations can be made by cheque or credit card. Alternatively, contact The Kudos Foundation has Deductible Gift Recipient status as an ancillary fund and all donations to the Kevin Lee Fellowship are tax deductible.

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