The Kudos Foundation: Supporting Classical Studies in Australia

Kudos – a special organisation

Kudos supports the teaching of Ancient Greek and Latin in Australia. Kudos is neither politically nor religiously affiliated, but believes that the classical tradition is fundamental to the Western world, to its special way of government, to its special way of doing arts and science, and to its special way of letting the individual get on with life.

Australian governments cannot at present justify giving special attention to Ancient Greek and Latin. Universities cannot justify giving these subjects the funding they deserve. Such is the world of popular politics, realistic budgets and competing claims. Nevertheless, Kudos brings together idealists willing and able to contribute in a material way to Ancient Greek and Latin and the classical Western tradition.

Kudos is run by a purely voluntary group of scholars and other professionals. Kudos has supported successful collaborative projects at several Australian universities. Donations are tax-deductible.

The Kudos Trust (ABN 15 063 462 398)

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Current project:

•  Kudos/Sydney Latin Summer School Grant in Aid


Recent News:

• ‘Lucius the Lorikeet to star in Australia’s first Latin textbook’ (Sydney Morning Herald, 9/2/22)